Strawbale houses are quite trendy in England and the US while gaining more and more popularity in Greece. Straw as a building material is a renewable source, has great insulating abilities, better than any other material and is quite easy to build. The only thing that can count as a disadvantage is the specialized work needed at the construction of the structural frame of the building.

Special attention must be paid to keep the straw dry, otherwise it will rot, producing substances that are harmful to human health. For this reason, strawbale walls must breath. Additionally, any humidity leakage into the wall results in its gradual deterioration. Finally, insects and rodents are other possible enemies of the straw, for that reason the plasters used must be resistant to their attacks. There are two types of strawbale houses. The ones with bear loading strawbale walls and the ones with a structural frame. The construction of strawbale walls is really fast, while the cost can be relatively higher than other techniques. However, it is for sure a very good choice because of the exceptional thermal insulation these walls provide. Finally, because of the zero thermal mass strawbale masonry has, passive solar heating systems cannot be used.


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