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Although we started with training in natural building, we pretty soon realised that the way we built our houses is just one of the parameters of sustainability and viabilty. Our point of view on food, energy and cultivating is of equal value. And as we train the people we also train at the same time. So from our experience so far we reached the following types of workshops: 

Future workshops

Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture Seminar ...

  The cob.gr team returns dynamically organizing the next seminar that focuses in regenerative agriculture and permaculture this year.Join our learning community! We will learn basics of Permaculture Design, how to practice...
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Past workshops

Larisa April 2017

During the second ecofestival of Larisa that took place in the Esthitiko municipal park we did a natural building workshop, upgrading an existing building that was about to fall. The company was super good and so was the...
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Creta April 2017

The project was very ambitious, technical and demanding. We built a small house 30 square meters big, right on the the rock, which will be covered with earth and stones, leaving exposed just the south side of the building. The...
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Edessa March 2019

With the temperature lowering significantly in the nights but the mood being high at all times (maybe less early in the morning), we realised our first natural building workshop for this year. We managed to renovate a 100 year...
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Self-sufficiency workshop, November 2016

In an attempt to outline a model of life based on sel- sufficiency, viabilty, low eco footprint and quality, at the end of November we organised a workshop concerning all these mentioned above in our property in Nessonas. The...
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Nessonas, autumn 2016

Our two last natural building workshops for 2016, took place in our property in Nessonas. The plans were quite ambitious, the weather conditions quite hard and the fellowship super nice! We made two autonomous, independant tiny...
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Natural building workshop in Kernitsa, March 2017

From 16 to 19 of March we were in Kernitsa of Achaia region with a great company and an excellent hostess. We built the outdoor little kitchen that you can see in the photos. We will return later to plaster with and afterwards...
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Prespes, August 2016

In the village os Psarades in Prespes we were hosted by the Fine Arts School of the university of western Macedonia, where in a three day workshop we did some outdoor architectural interventions, creating these structures to be...
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Pavliani, July 2016

In Pavliani, in an altitude of 1.500 meters, there is one of the most demanding constructions we have ever made. A geodesic sphere 4.2 meters in diameter, that is installed on a gigantic pine tree 12 meters high. It was done...
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Tramonti, June 2016

It took us four days to build this oudoor gatheringnspace in Tramonti of Italy with a multinational team of participants. The workshop was coorganised with italian NGO “Acarbio”. Some pictures and a very nice video from the...
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Larissa grove, May 2016

The most humid natural building workshop ever, took place from 19 to 22 of May in the grove of Larissa, in cooperation with the “active citizens” of the municipality of Larissa. The 800 mm of rain weren ‘t enough to stop...
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Ziria, April 2016

In the village of Ziria in Achaia we were gathered from 21 to 24 of April for the second of the year 2016 natural building workshop, where we built the outdoor kitchen you can see in the pictures. The weather was good, the...
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Paliouria, March 2016

The reconstuction of an old fishermen’s hut with natural and recycled materials, was the subject of our first workshop for 2016. Despite the bad weather, everybody worked with fun and care and the result was more than...
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