About US

Starting with two persons 20 years ago, today we number a team of 60 architects, mechanics and natural builders, 1.600 volunteers and more than 20.000 people following. In the core of the team there is a social cooperative dealing with natural building and sustainability in general.

Educational Events
Natural constructions

Our Team

DoraBuilding and cooking
ChrstosBuilds and cultivates
Kotsirilos StavrosArchitect and builder
KostasBuilding and training
SteliosBuilding and training
PanagiotisBuilding and training
GiorikasBuilds and cultivates
VasilisMaking bread and bouzouki
PanagiotaTrying to become vegetarian
JeromeHe builds

Our course through time

2001, September

We build our first house in Nessonas

Nothing much happened until
in the summer of 2006

we gave our first natural building workshop.

Some workshops followed until
the summer of 2008

when we build our second house in Lefkas

in collaboration with the municipality of Madamados .
In the summer of 2009

we build another house in collaboration with the municipality of Melivia .

Quite a lot workshops and constructions followed until

When we established a social cooperative

This didn’t help us very much up to now thaw, since we give most of our incomes in taxes.
Until today

we have build 20 houses

and more than 100 natural building constructions

We worked with

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