This specific project’s aim was to immprove the thermal behavior of a pro existing agricultural buildig in order to serve the activities of the Italian NGO Acarbio. The constructions included the thernal insulation of the roof and the walls with straw, the building of trompe walls and interior walls made out of adobe bricks, plastering with clay plasters and tadelakt. . The first stage of constructions was completed in Septembber 2015 where 32 young people from all around the Mediterranean partici[ated whike the second stage was completed in march of 2016 and we are waiting for the third part. At the advantages of the project were the the amzing beauty of the Amalfi coast, the hosting place ( an old monastery of the 4th AC , italian hospitality, pizzas kai and the volcanic ash that is located in abundancy in the area (because of the Vezuve) nad is a very good bonding material. The only disadvantage was the exclusive pasta consuption for diner.

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