We have built the tallest wood oven in the world, for the new store of a well known chain bakery in Thessaloniki. This a unique project worldwide, since with a height of almost 11 meters, the oven aspires to be registered in the Guiness book. The architectural design has been made by the architectural firm of Claudio Silvestrin and Giuliana Salmaso in Milan. For the construction of the oven we chose the well known “waddle and daub” technique. Specifically bamboo has been used , which has been plaited on the metal frame creating a surface similar to knitted reed baskets.
Then, cob mix has been placed by hand ( loamy earth, sand, straw) creating the substrate on which the plaster will be applied. The final coating is a traditional greek clay paint called «badanas» of white colour. The choice of materials and the construction method was driven by the high architectural and construction requirements. Bamboo, unlike the simple cane, has very high strength, long life and high flexural capacity. This was necessary for this specific construction because of the concave surfaces and the heavy weight that will surpass 8 tons despite the fact that waddle and daub is certainly the lightest constructive option. The earth used comes from the mountains of Crete and was chosen due to its light white colour.

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