In the farm space there are seven buildings and several more structures some utilitarian and others made for educational reasons or for experimention. Our first house was built in 2000 with cob. Now it serves educational needs in eco- turism programs. The second one was built several years later with the help of friends and children of primary school with strawclay. It is used to accommodate the permanent habitants of the farm. The cellar is the product of earth excavation to build the masonry. The third one was built in 2010 also with strawclay, only with the contribution of volunteers to serve the accomodation of the permanent members. For now is used for hosting and eco turism. The fourth one was built in 2016 as a proposal for the accomodation of vulnerable groups of people. Its structural frame is wooden and the masonry is made out of rugs dipped in lime. Its cost is 300 euro. It will be used for eduactional programs. Two geodesic domes and an underground one followed, that were built during a natural building workshop. In the farm there also are: an outddor cooking space equipped with a clay oven and a cob rocket stove, an experimental dome chicken house made out of earthbags, an outdoor hot tub, a sauna, outdoor showers, compost toilets, benches, sinks, in a variety of shapes and materials. The main table is planted with herbs


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