Natural building workshop in Tripoli from 27th to 30th of September


Our sixth natural workshop for this year will take place near Tripoli. We will build an external patio using canes, adobe bricks, cob, hyperadobes, waddle and daub and rugs dipped in lime. We will be plastering the construction with clay and lime based  plasters.

The workshop is addressed to beginners

Theory topics:

Clay and natural materials in general. How do we recognise them, where to find them and how to process them.

Natural building techniques. Which are they and how do we built with each one of them.

Natural roofs.

Floors made of natural materials.

Natural plasters.

Natural paints.

Dates: From the afternoon of Thursday 27th, until the afternoon of Monday 30th of September.

Location: Garouni garden in Tegea.

Equipment: Apart from camping equipment and a working uniform of your choice, you will be needing flip-flops.

Participation fee: 90€ per person, (vegan) food included.

For more info: Send mail to    or call us in 6932568126.

For participation: Fill up this form

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